Info for your vacation in Greetsiel

Greetsiel became known especially by its picturesque harbour and the twin-mills. The harbour and historical buildings in the village centre were often used as a movie set for cinema and movies and television series over the last decades. Particularly the lighthouse Pilsum, which is only 3 km away from Greetsiel. Numerous restaurants, pubs and shops, also open on weekends invite visitors to linger.

The village has a population of about 1500 people. Since 1972 Greetsiel belongs to the commune of Krummhörn, with municipal administrative in Pewsum. The distance between Emden and Norden is about 15 – 20 km.

Greetsiel is the perfect place to start day trips to the surroundings and to the offshore islands. Ferries and excursion boats departure from Greetsiel, Emden to Borkum, Juist oder Norderney and other islands. You can reach the Krummhörn villages easily by bike over dykes and field roads.

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18 throwing villages and 1 fishing village

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Nowhere is East Frisia more typical than here. Where the Ems flows into the North Sea, you will find the “crooked corner”, as the Krummhörn would be called in High German. Discover the 18 throwing villages on a trip and experience East Frisian cosiness, dreamy villages, wide landscapes and the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.